California Lottery $75,000 Scare Got The Virginia Lottery Explaining The Till Sound

John Hagerty of the Virginia Lottery reassures players about their ticket security.

When a California gas station came under investigation after a lottery ticket that should have returned a $75,000 reward only returned $75.00, many players around the United States got concerned.

The undercover agent (circled) arrives to collect his $75,000 prize at the Palmdale, California, gas station. STORY

The customer was an undercover California Lottery agent who visited a Palmdale gas station with a fake ticket.

This was part of regular testing to see how the lotto outlet would treat the win. It turned out fine in this case, with no action taken against the station.

But the widespread publicity got some people concerned, and the Virginia Lottery was quick to tell about their security procedures to news channel CBS 6 when they visited.

Virginia Lottery player Tamel Page likes to keep his tickets safe and says he is very cautious.

Virginia Lottery player Tamel Page, who plays the lottery daily, said he is extra cautious when it comes to checking his numbers.

“I don’t trust anyone,” the $7,500 winner said. “I keep my tickets pretty much safe and try to go online to look and see if I won or not.”

He is especially careful after hearing of the recent incident in California.

CBS 6 wanted to know how lottery officials here in Virginia protect consumers.

One of John Hagerty's tasks is presenting checks. Winners accept a $4 million check from Hagerty (r).

John Hagerty of the Virginia Lottery said lottery employees are in every store once a week, or even more, for checking.

Hagerty said it’s important for you to arm yourself with information when you have that ticket - like knowing if you have winning numbers or not.

Virginia Lottery tills make a special sound to alert winners, but not people in the queue behind.

He also said you’ll hear a sound if you’re a winner, which isn’t just a fun noise.

“There really is a security purpose to it, to let you know that’s a winning ticket and you don’t necessarily have to let the person behind the desk know,” he said.

Hagerty said the Lottery has a good working relationship with stores, but some consumers say it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

“If you don’t pay attention to it, you could give away the winning ticket,” said Tamel Page.

John Hagerty gives advice for players to avoid ticket mixups.

Watch Video to see how seriously Virginia Lottery takes their security

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