Plumber Donates Part Of His $7.5 Million Lottery Prize To Burgled Charity

The Girls on the Run of South Hampton Roads (GOTRSHR) office was burglarized last weekend. Thieves stole an estimated $7,000 worth of property.

Then they got a visit from a Chesapeake man, Michael Worsham. Worsham, who owns Worsham Plumbing, saw his sister share an article about the burglary on Facebook. He was the lucky winner of $2.5 million in a lottery scratch-off ticket in December.

Worsham decided to donate $7,500,  to GOTRSHR — the cost of what the suspect stole.

“I feel like God led me to that ticket to win, and He changed my life,” Worsham said. “It feels really good to put a smile on someone else’s face.”

Girls on the Run is a extracurricular for elementary and middle school age girls. The program encourages self-respect and a healthy lifestyle in young girls.


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