Freedom Starts With A Lottery Win Of Just $60,000 According To Syndicate

The team celebrate their win with a champagne drenching. PHOTO: Northern Echo

A group of 9 pensioners from the same bowling team hit the jack (pot) after winning £343,643 (US$540,000) in the UK National Lottery. And one is convinced it will set them up for life.

"I’m not sure what Ann and I will spend the money on yet," said syndicate leader Philip Quinn. "Probably a holiday or two and maybe a new kitchen. What we’re most looking forward to though is the financial freedom."

The Morrisons Supermarket in Hartlepool, UK, where the ticket was bought.

The pensioner, along with his wife Ann Quinn, Joanne Lightowler, Mark Squirrel, John Wells, Michael Broome, Reggie Cuthbert-Smith, Colin Facchini and John Brown, who have all been playing as part of a syndicate since 1994, were over the moon when they heard the good news.

The nine bowling members show their check at the hall. PHOTO: Northern Echo

After verifying the numbers online he rang Camelot to be told they were indeed in possession of a winning ticket.

He added: “As you can imagine, we were very protective of the actual ticket. I don’t think we slept for worrying we’d lose it! Ann kept it under her pillow the whole time.”

The winning Lotto numbers on Saturday, May 9 were 5, 17, 22, 31, 40, 48 and the bonus ball was 18. The winning ticket was purchased at Morrisons in Hartlepool.

SOURCE: Graeme Hertherington, Northern Echo

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