Neighbor Collects A $2 Million Powerball Prize But She Didn't Buy The Ticket. The Result Wasn't Pretty

Elena Rebollar collects the $2 million Powerball check, seen here with her family. PHOTO: KVUE

A De Salle woman picked up a check for $2 million from a Powerball ticket. Except the Texas resident didn't buy the ticket, and the ugly truth was only discovered when a lawsuit ensued.

KEYE TV reports on the lawsuit and its outcome. VIDEO: KEYE TV

It started when a neighbor actually won, but believed he couldn't claim because he was not a US citizen. This was the problem facing Del Valle resident Nereo Aguirre who paid for the $2 million ticket in a Texas Powerball game in 2013.

He believed he was unable to claim the prize, so he asked neighbours Elena Rebollar and Galdino Bueno to cash in his Powerball ticket for him.

According to a lawsuit filed in 2014, Rebollar misled Aguirre by not telling him that non-U.S. citizens can collect on winning lottery tickets, and she kept a large portion of the money.

The arrangement soured when the jackpot was not divided as they agreed and a lawsuit was issued.

The winning ticket was purchased at the Bader Food Mart, located at 17305 Pearce Lane #A in Del Valle.

After three days a jury trial in Travis County 201st District Court, they settled in a confidential agreement on Wednesday (May 20, 2015). 

But this never had to happen according to the Texas Lottery Commission, who says, "There are NO restrictions or limitations concerning citizenship when it comes to playing or winning."

Reporter Fred Cantu outside the Texas Lottery Claim Center. PHOTO: KEYE TV

One lawyer involved told KEYE TV reporter Fred Cantu he was glad to see them settle.  He says it's always best to settle a dispute among yourselves without resorting to a jury.


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