Real Life Test: Can ANYONE Win If They Buy $60 Worth Of Lottery Tickets?

Can QuickPicks perfom better than my System? I decided to put them to the test.

The email from Jerry was friendly enough:

"Ken, I have been checking out your system, and it seems that anyone could win a prize if they bought $60 worth of tickets like you do."

Well, with my System you can actually win by spending less too - as little as $10 sometimes. But I decided to run a real life test.

And to make it more interesting, I would match my System against random Quick Pick tickets.

So I bought $60 worth of quick picks... picked by the store's lottery computer. Then I bought $60 worth of tickets from my Silver Lotto System.

And I sat back and waited until draw night. What do you think happened?

Here's the results.

The picture on the left show the tickets that I won from the 60 dollar's worth of quick picks. Yup, none.

The 3 tickets on the right were the wins from my System. And by winning $117 from them I had made that $60 investment back - nearly twice over to cover my quick pick losses.

I agree $120 was a lot of money to spend just for a test I knew I'd win. But it proved again the effectiveness of my System each time I use it.

It took me 2 plays and I won $336 from after spending only $30. I have never won a lotto in my life, and heavens knows I've played my share. I take my hat off to you. Needless to say your site is a winner with me!!