You Won How Much? In Jamaica A $395 Million Lotto Win Is Still A Big Deal

Paul Hoo (left) - Chairman of Supreme Ventures presents the $395M Lotto Jackpot cheque to winner E Powell. PHOTO: Joseph Wellington, Jamaican Observer

It was Jamaica's biggest lottery win, and the lucky player had spent $500 to win the $395 million jackpot.

But when you convert the country's dollar amount into US currency, you're in for a bit of a disappointment.

The prize is only US$3.4 million. The good part is that the winner, car mechanic E. Powell, only had to spend US$4.30 (J$500) for his tickets.

The check presentation was made at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel.

This Lotto Jackpot roll attracted lots of excitement and publicity as it climbed to a historic level of $395 million.

Powell, who is soft spoken due to a major illness about 15 years ago, was humble in his celebration of the big win.

He said, “I have been trying to keep myself calm, as I always hoped to win the Lotto. I’ve won prizes for 4 numbers but this is the real thing."

A lottery store in Jamaica. PHOTO: Jamaica Observer

Married with 2 children and has been repairing cars for years, Powell stated that he has been playing the game from it started. “I plan to set up myself, so we can live decently,” Powell said.
Although the draw was on a Wednesday, he didn’t check the ticket until the Saturday when he went to make his regular purchases at the lottery outlet.

Powell is from a large family and admits that 'life was filled with ups and downs growing up.'

He is looking forward to being able to assist his family to make a better life.
The Lotto Jackpot cheque presentation was made by Paul Hoo, Chairman of lotto company Supreme Ventures Limited, in a short function held on June 6, 2015 at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel.

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