From October The Chances Of Winning A Major Prize In The UK National Lottery Will Change [VIDEO]

The UK National Lottery will be increasing the amount of numbers you can play in October 2015, and for Silver Lotto System users this is not a good move.

Though there are more chances to becoming a Millionaire, says the organisation, the reality is that any increase in the numbers lessens the chance of a major win.

On the positive side there will be an improvement in the chances of winning smaller prizes, and this may offset the problem. The odds of winning a prize will go from 1 in 54 to 1 in 9.3.

Information from the UK National Lottery website on the changes.

The lottery says players will get more chances to become a millionaire with a new Millionaire Raffle which guarantees a £1 million win in every draw.

There will be bigger rolling jackpots.

Players will pick 6 numbers from 59 instead of the 49 as it is currently. The way to play and the price to pay (£2 a ticket) aren’t changing.

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