Irish $6.5M Winning Syndicate Have Played The Same Numbers Since Lotto Started

Another Irish Lottery winner, Ger Hand shares the check with his family. PHOTO: Declan Gilmore, Longford Leader

A lucky syndicate in Ireland stepped away with €5,900,958 (US$6.5M) on Saturday, but it took a long time to achieve the win.

The syndicate members who wanted to remain anonymous, said they started buying tickets when the National Lottery started Lotto in April, 1988.

A presenter at a live National Lottery draw in 2012. VIDEO.

A spokesperson for the group said they have played the same numbers since the Lotto began.

"We’ve played the same numbers since Lotto began in 1988 and the most we’d won before was €56.  I knew those numbers would do us good one day," he said at the champagne reception.

A model promotes a recent Irish National Lottery draw.

"When I checked the ticket, I couldn’t believe it.  It still doesn’t feel real for us.  We’re delighted."

The winning numbers were 2, 5, 13, 17, 32 and 34.

Information about playing in syndicates is available on the Irish Lottery website.

OUR TAKE: While the syndicate did many things right according to the Silver Lotto System method - they used the same numbers in every game, and they persisted - actually using the System would have sped up their win time dramatically.

ABOUT: The Irish Lottery history began in 1986 with the National Lottery Act, and was founded to support various initiatives including sport, recreation, health, welfare, arts, national heritage and the Irish language. Games started in 1987 with the introduction of scratchcards, and the first Lotto draw took place on 16th April 1988. To date it has raised over €3.4 billion (US$3.7 billion).

Two thirds of Irish adults regularly play. On 23 March, 1987 the lottery saw the launch of scratchcards, but since then it has expanded to include more Lotto games, Monday Millions, All or Nothing Draws, TV game shows and bingo, millionaire raffles, plus participation in the EuroMillions.

The first draw for the actual Irish Lottery took place on 16th April 1988 with the Lotto game. Originally the lottery draws only took place on a Saturday but in May 1990 a midweek Lotto draw was introduced on Wednesday evenings and continues to date with two draws a week; Wednesday and Saturdays.

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