Tiny Store Reveals Budget Showdown Could Shut Down Washington Lottery

Is this the modest Pasco store and note which revealed the Washington Lottery could be shut down?

In a shock move, all operations of the Washington Lottery will be put on hold if the state budget is not signed off on July 1st, 2015.

This is according to information given by a Mr Lee of Shopping Spot on 28th in Pasco (store pictured).

Lottery retailers were sent a rather cryptic warning when they filed recent sales reports, and the undated report reads: "As of this communication an agreement has not been made on the State budget. If an agreement is not reached by 6/30/15, Washington Lottery will halt operations."

According to the Lottery various tickets will stop selling June 27th, which includes Powerball. Then Mega Millions, Match 4 and Daily Keno will stop June 30th, says NewsTalk870am.

Reporter John McKay writes: "Granted, we will probably wind up like last year, when the very last day of June a budget deal was reached.  But this news is enough to strike fear into the hearts of loyal Lottery players everywhere."

A number of other government operations would be affected as well.

It has happened before, in 2013, when the D.C. Lottery Web site’s 'Frequently Asked Questions' section noted that lottery payouts were halted Friday, nearly two weeks into a shutdown.

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