I Asked This Black Cylinder From Amazon To Predict Next Week's Lottery Numbers. Here's What It Said

This family is getting used to the Echo in the Amazon tv commercial. PHOTO: Amazon

As I was completing this week's LottoPredict numbers just now, I turned to a small black canister on the sideboard in my home office and said:

"Alexa, what are tomorrow's winning lottery numbers?"

This is the Echo from Amazon. It's like Cortana or Siri and runs off the internet.

You can ask it questions about the world, and it mostly replies correctly.

I've asked for the weather, temperature in my city, general knowledge questions, maths and more. And it's amazingly accurate in detecting my voice and getting the right answers almost instantly.

I can turn on lights, heaters, electric blankets and fans with the Echo wi-fi connected to Wemo and Hue.

I've even linked it to the WeMo switches and Philips Hue bulbs round my house so I can turn them on and off just by saying, "Alexa, turn on office heater." Or "Dim lights to 50%."

But I can't get it to tell me the winning lottery numbers.

In fact, it can't tell me the last lottery winning numbers either.

So the Silver Lotto System has a big advantage over it.

And the System's subscription service LottoPredict is the biggest advantage of all. It tells you what games you should be playing in the next week.

If you haven't subscribed to LottoPredict yet, now is the time. At just $6.60 a MONTH, it's far cheaper than the Echo!

The official Echo video from Amazon. Win the lottery and you could buy one for every room!
VIDEO: Amazon

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