RICH IS... 9 CopyCat Rich Kids Wannabe's Who Pose For The Funniest Instagram Photos You'll Ever See

Helicopter? Sure, I got one too, says the guy in this parody website. PHOTO:

The Rich Kids of Instagram are a group of elite young jet-setters that travel around the world and flaunt their wealth on the popular social media platform.

But recently a group of young Romanians parodied them and #RichKidsOfInstagram - the online hashtag of the world's teenage millionaires.

The series is part of a campaign by KFC in Romania, who invited teenagers to post their budget versions of #RichKidsOfInstagram pics.

The fast food giant is collecting the results at

Here's a collection of some of their attempts, and they're hilarious...

The rich kids have tens of thousands of followers, and plenty of cash on hand. The other  guy - not so much.

Rich kids also have money they were either born with, or because they’re already running highly profitable businesses.

They are not shy to show it off and spark both jealousy and admiration from the 'less fortunate.'

As well as the two TV commercials, the campaign is mainly focused on social media.

The contest is inviting everyday people to post pictures of how much fun they can have with spending as little money as possible.

What do you think of the campaign and what is your opinion of the rich kids of instagram?

Should one aspire to their lifestyle or are they just there to make fun of?

The rich kids have fought back. Andrew Warren, the son of a New York real estate tycoon, points out:

"I don’t think I should be judged for posting a photo like eating caviar at Claridge’s in London while it’s okay for someone to post a picture at McDonald’s."