50-Year-Old Florida Gas Station Owner Wins $100,000 Then Loses Winning Tickets For Another $92,000

Walid Aboroomi lost $92,000 worth of Florida Lottery tickets, and he's frustrated. PHOTO: Andy Jones

This is a revealing story about winning and choosing the Silver Lotto System way and how one man beat the odds...

Walid Aboroomi learned early on that three lucky numbers were the secret of his lottery success.

They were 7, 1, 5, and came from the time: 7:15 p.m, and a glimpse of a license plate in the parking lot, 715. And most importantly, his birthday, July 15.

In 2007 he won a Virginia Lottery Pick 3 prize of $100,000. He had bought almost 200 tickets with 715 as the winning numbers, and it paid off.

The Cross Creek Boulevard gas station and convenience store Aboroomi has owned for the past 6 months.

In 2006 he won $71,000 after buying 162 Pick 3 tickets with the 715 number.

And he was featured in a 2007 Washington Post article that said after Aboroomi won the $100,000 Pick 3 prize, he spent $17,000 on a new diamond ring for his fiancee and made donations to local churches and homeless shelters.

He felt the same sort of luck on May 28, 2015, he said.

"At times,” said the 50-year-old Israeli immigrant who has been in the United States for 27 years, “you just feel lucky.”

So when customers cleared out of the gas station he owns on Cross Creek Boulevard, he started printing out Cash 3 tickets with 715 as the number of choice, he told the Tampa Tribune.

Aboroomi points out his winning ticket purchase from his business lottery screen. PHOTO: Andy Jones

He ended up buying 184 of them, at $1 each, stopping only when a customer came in.

The next day, another customer showed up and told him he thought Aboroomi’s numbers had come up the night before. The shopkeeper checked, and 715 indeed had been drawn. In that order.

With each ticket worth $500, that was a $92,000 windfall.

But his luck ran out when he looked for the tickets. They were nowhere to be found.

He looked in the garbage, hecked under a loose countertop, under carpets. Not there.

In the bathroom. Not there. He asked his wife and children. Nothing.

Aboroomi went to the big trash container outside the store and dove in. Nothing.

He called his garbage hauler, saying he had lost a ring, and found out that all the trash from that location goes to an incinerator.

“I searched every place,” he said. “Finally, I gave up. I was crying, crying like a baby.”

Aboroomi said even with his lost tickets, he realizes how lucky he’s been.

"Yeah,” he said, “I’m not hungry."

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