Now The Search Begins For $63 Million California SuperLotto Plus Winner

A SuperLotto Plus lottery ticket sold in Chatsworth, California has hit the jackpot – and is now worth $63 million. The winner has not revealed themselves yet.

The winning ticket was sold at the 7-Eleven at 20871 Lassen Street in Chatsworth, the California Lottery said. The winning numbers were 46-1-33-30-16 and the “Mega” number was 24.

The Lottery will not know who the winner is until they claim their prize. The winner has six months to do so.

The winner can either take a one-time payout of $39.9 million before federal taxes, or receive the $63 million over the course of 30 years.

The other winner in the drawing is the 7-Eleven where the ticket was sold. The store will receive a $315,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket.


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