Woman Wanted To Whoop In The Street After Her $1 Million Lottery Win

Million dollar winner Sheila Cleasby plans to take a vacation.

Edmonton's newest Lotto 649 millionaire Sheila Cleasby wanted to shout to the world, "I won a million dollars!"

Cleasby was at a store checking her ticket when the screen revealed her life was never going to be the same, reported CBC News

The Lansdowne Petro Canada at 5110 - 122 St in Edmonton.

"I kept looking at the screen thinking there was no way that it actually said $1 million," she said.

"I didn't know how to act. I walked out of the store and stood in the street trying not to yell out that I won a million dollars!"

Ceasby kept her win a secret from her husband until she could pick him up at the airport. 

"I wanted to wait to see everyone in person to tell them the news," she said.

"He kept looking at me asking, 'Is this a joke?'" she said.

"I would say 'No!' and he would just look at me and say, 'If this is a joke, it isn't funny.'"

Ceasby intends to pay a few bills at first. 

"Then we'll have to decide if we want to move or keep our house and renovate. And then we'll have to pick a place to go on vacation."

Cleasby purchased the ticket at the Lansdowne Petro Canada at 5110 - 122 St. The Edmonton winner checked her ticket in May 2015, but chose not to claim the money until August.

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