Three Winners Share a Powerball $1.5 Billion - But What About This New Millionaire?

The owner of the store which sold one of the winning $1.5 billion USA Powerball tickets.

California Lottery officials presented 7-Eleven owner Balbir Atwal with a $1million check, just for being the lucky place where one of the Powerball winners purchased her ticket.

Mr Atwal, 58, told Daily Mail Online he plans to spend the money on his family, give his staff a share as well as give some to charity. 

He also said he hopes to take the family to Disneyland and that he 'loves this country', referring to America, where he now lives after leaving his birthplace in the Punjab area of India.

Mr Atwal said: "I love this country! I feel great today, because I'm holding this check. Life's going to change big time."

"Number one I want to donate some to charity, share some with my employees." 

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