Welder Loses His Job Then Amazingly Wins £1 Million Two Weeks Later

Marjorie and Alan Tyrie scooped a £1million win just days after losing his job.

It couldn't have come at a better time for the welder who had just been made redundant.

In a heartwarming stroke of luck Alan Tyrie and his wife Marjorie won £1 million (US$1.4 million) just two weeks with a UK National Lottery ticket.

Alan and Marjorie, both 58, had to keep quiet at first when they realised they'd struck lucky while they verified the claim.

But as the news sank in, any worries about not having enough money went out of the window reported the Mirror.

The couple, from Folkestone, Kent, said their bad luck turned to good news in less than two weeks.

Alan got made redundant from his job as a welder on January 11 - and by January 23 they were celebrating their incredible win.

Although Alan losing his job came as a blow to the couple, it didn't take him long to find another one - but in the end he didn't even have to accept it.

He said winning the lottery was a complete shock - and he even thought his wife was having him on at first.

Marjorie, who works as a club steward at Oddfellows Social Club said it won't be too long before Alan does decide to take up another job though - as both of them enjoy working hard.


The couple, who have two children in their 30s, are now taking the time to decide exactly what to do with the money.

Marjorie said: "We are just going to take a couple of months to think about what to do."

"Camelot have been giving us plenty of advice and we've had meetings with them about how to manage the money."

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