Lucky Shamrock Store Has Sold $100 Million In Winning Lottery Tickets

This is the ritual that a record-breaking Michigan store does for every ticket sold.

 Many lottery players have rituals, so this one is sure to please buyers from Party World in Alpine Township.

An employee rubs your ticket against a lucky shamrock. Does it work?

The store's manager, David Castor, told NBC News that they've sold more than $100 million in lottery winnings over the last five years.

He says their lucky streak is being credited to the discovery of a four leaf clover by the owner.

Party World's manager, David Castor, says his store has a lucky advantage.

Party World owner Dan Bekins was cleaning in a backroom about 20 years ago when he found the lucky leaf.

He decided to put it on display at the front of the store, hoping that the treasure would bring good fortune to his financial operations.

The Party World store at Alpine Township, Michigan.

Little did Bekins know that the luck of the shamrock would be bestowed on lottery ticket purchasers, including a recent winner who last month pocketed $100,000 off of a $3 scratch-off.

"He is a regular customer — a really great guy," Castor said. "He deserved it."

Castor said the charmed clover is "heavily laminated" to protect it from all of the lottery tickets that are rubbed on it for good luck.

Customers were lining up at Party World early Saturday — even before the store opened — Castor said, adding that "thousands of individual people have come out" to buy tickets ahead of the Powerball drawing.

The store would earn a $50,000 commission if they end up selling the winning Powerball ticket, Castor said.

"We are hoping for a big tipper," he added.

Powerball climbs to $900 million and creats a jackpot frenzy.

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