Can You Play Daily Games With The Silver Lotto System?

Big money prize with a daily game: Doug S. won over $207,000 in a Fantasy 5 jackpot in February, 2016.

Want to increase your winning chances and play more often? A 5-ball game may be what you need.

The Silver Lotto System is designed to work on a number of lottery-style games with 5 balls, 6 balls, and 6 balls with a bonus (7th) ball.

I've concentrated on the 6 ball games because of the large jackpot numbers, but there are some advantages in playing 5 ball games:

  • - They are played more regularly - often daily.
  • - The ticket price is lower, usually $1 per play.
  • - The winning odds are better because of fewer numbers and players.

The downside is that the prize amount in non-jackpot Pick-5 games is far lower. They can be from $100,000-$250,000, but many games are far less. 

However some 5 ball games have a progressive jackpot, and in one case a game has rolled over to a cash prize of over $1 million.

You can easily use your Silver Lotto System to play a 5 ball game, but it doesn't include any 4+1 games such as Florida's Mega Money and Texas Two-Step. Those games are drawn from two different number fields and can't easily be adapted to my System.

Here's a list of most of the Pick 5 games in USA and Canada:


Tri-State Lottery 
(MaineNew HampshireVermontGimme5 (39 numbers; Mon, Wed, & Fri)

Arizona Fantasy 5 (41 numbers, daily except Sunday)
California Fantasy 5 (39 numbers, daily)
Colorado Cash 5 (32 numbers, daily)
Connecticut Cash5 (35 numbers, daily)
Florida Fantasy 5 (36 numbers, daily)
Georgia Fantasy 5 (42 numbers, daily)
Illinois Lucky Day Lotto (39 numbers, twice daily)
Indiana Cash 5 (41 numbers, daily)
Kentucky 5 Card Cash (52 cards)
Louisiana Easy 5 (37 numbers, daily)
Maryland Bonus Match 5 (39 numbers, daily)
Michigan Fantasy 5 (39 numbers, daily)
Minnesota Gopher 5 (47 numbers, Monday, Wednesday, & Friday)
Minnesota Northstar Cash (31 numbers, daily)
Missouri Show Me Ca$h (39 numbers, daily)
Montana Montana Cash (45 numbers, 2 plays/$1, Wednesday & Saturday)
Nebraska Pick 5 (38 numbers, daily except Sunday. From Nov 6, 2016, daily)
New Jersey Jersey Cash 5 Xtra (43 numbers, daily)
New Mexico Roadrunner Cash (37 numbers, daily)
New York Take 5 (39 numbers, daily)
North Carolina Carolina Cash 5 (41 numbers, daily)
Ohio Rolling Cash 5 (39 numbers, daily)
Oklahoma Cash 5 (36 numbers, daily)
Pennsylvania Cash 5 (43 numbers, daily)
Pennsylvania Treasure Hunt (30 numbers, daily)
Rhode Island Wild Money (35 numbers, Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday)
South Carolina Palmetto Cash 5 (38 numbers, daily)
South Dakota Dakota Cash (35 numbers, Wednesday & Saturday)
Texas Cash Five (37 numbers; daily except Sunday)
Virginia Cash 5 (34 numbers, twice daily)
Washington Hit 5 (39 numbers, Monday, Wednesday, & Saturday)
Wisconsin Badger 5 (31 number, daily)
Wyoming Cowboy Draw (45 numbers, Mondays & Thursdays, two plays for $5)

Atlantic Lottery Corporation Bucko! (41 numbers, daily)
Quebec Triplex (41 numbers, daily)