The Words You Need To Say Right Now To Improve Your Lottery Success

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"Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better."

Remember this saying?... it's from Emile Coue, a French psychologist.

He even wrote a book on it (photo on the right).

He wrote it as a clever piece of self-suggestion that actually helped people improve their lives.

But the secret is in the frequency... he stressed you should follow the saying every day.

Day after day.

He didn't say "whenever you feel like it." But daily. Success comes with frequency.

It's the reason I send my newsletter to you regularly.

It works because each issue gives you another part of the lottery puzzle and helps you improve your results.

And it is the proven reason why you need to play your lottery game frequently.

Because the numbers don't lie.

Anything that is done frequently, without fail, always succeeds in the end.

This morning I got an email from a Silverite wanting to know how to get better results by playing $5 a day. This is the wrong way to play with my System.

While the secret is in the number selection, the way of playing is not: You need to play each week with as many tickets as you can afford.

Do not miss a game. Our player should have played once a week with $35 instead of daily.

It doesn't have to be daily, which can be quite expensive. But I've played every week and won huge numbers of lottery prizes.

In one game I won 22 prizes, and many other games are in the double figures.

And for over 15 years my daily newsletters have produced many, many thousands of lottery winners because they followed my regular advice.

There are three secrets to lottery success:

#1. What you use.

Preparation with the right tools is essential because without the tools you'll fail. Always use the System and PRO for best results.

#2. How many tickets you buy.

This is the frequency theory with numbers. It just means that the more tickets you use, the higher the odds of winning.

#3. How often you play.

The success solution... the more time you play the better your odds. Remember the number of tickets you use is important too. Playing with 5 tickets each time will not get you the results you want.

Along with frequency comes persistence, the other important action you need to win the lottery.

Continue working on your lottery strategy day after day, play once a week, and the result will always be a win.