Carrie Fisher's Death Is A Message For Lottery Players - If We Listen And Act

Carrie Fisher, who died today, was an inspiration to millions of fans.

In my newsletter recently I told you why many people start fresh on a certain date.

Might be beginning of the week, month or year.

Because we're so close to the New Year and 2017, I'm guessing you're determined to Win Big next year.

Well, sorry to pop your bubble. Because winners in all walks of life start straight away, and even the beginning of next year could be too late.

So you should do the same.

When winners get the passion to start on a goal, they don't wait for a self-imposed time at the beginning of a year, or somewhere in the future. They are aware that time is short, and start fast.

Carrie Fisher, one of the original actors from Star Wars, died today.

She had a heart attack on a plane and was in a serious condition. She was only 60.

Like George Michael today, at 53, it could happen to anyone at any time... and we never know when.

That's why I'm sitting down at the end of the year and writing this post. And making my wife grumpy for not sharing more of the day with her.

But I'm doing it for a reason...

Because I'm acutely aware that unless you act fast and Do It Now, winning will get put off.

Your decision to play lottery numbers to win, and Win Big, will be moved along till it's more convenient... until the beginning of the next week, next month, and so on.

What decision do you need to take?

Buying the System or PRO Custom Profiles, or getting a Winner's Circle subscription.

Then getting started and taking action.

Don't leave it too late.