Here's A Few Random Thoughts To Help You Win The Lottery Faster

Here's a few End Of Year random thoughts for you, in no particular order. Enjoy!


I'm testing an website service for my site right now.

But I'm unsure what impact it will have on my traffic, and I'm waiting to know whether the service is white hat (clean and good, won't get me blacklisted) - or not.

The good thing about the lottery is that there's no such worry when you use my System and products.

There is nothing underhand or damaging happening when you play using my System.

The lotto organizations won't whack you like Google can.

I can only think of a rare few instances where I've read that someone has tried to illegally beat the lottery, and it's never worked.

Compare that to the casino and sports gaming, and it's a whole different matter. 

That whole area is filled with players trying to beat the system.

Recognise Kevin Spacey above, in "21"?

There's a lot of films like this one about breaking the casino - but only one about the lottery that I know of.

Because the lottery is a pure, clean form of entertainment that's fair and can't be broken.

And the lotto organizations welcome us with open arms because they know that everything we do is above board.

You're very safe using my System:


As you know I give free coaching to everyone who has bought my products.

That means I check their numbers and playing strategy and give advice.

I've found two things over the years...

The first is that very few players have their numbers wrong.

I even gave up a number checking service (above) a couple years back because everyone always got their numbers right.

That was the happiest help desk failure I've ever had.

But the second is more important.

It's the reason why you might see people complaining publicly that my System doesn't work.

And every time I get in touch with them to ask why, their answer is a shocker...

Every one...100% of them - are not playing correctly... not following my instructions.

But they never admit this in their criticism of my System. 

Most of them don't use LottoPredict either, a service so powerful and important that I've included it with every System now.

No wonder they don't win if they don't follow instructions.

The biggest failures I've seen them do are:

1. Not playing enough tickets. The number of players who try to win on 5 tickets a game is very common, and it doesn't work. You need at least 20 or more to get results.

2. Not playing often enough. I understand that playing on a small budget is hard, but to get the wins you want, you need to play regularly. Many of the failed players would only play once a month.

3. Playing the big ball number games like Powerball or Mega Millions without using PRO. The PRO Custom Profiles are essential to get round the complex number strings of these games.

So don't take any notice of these complaints you might hear.

Take the time to follow my instructions and you'll never have that problem.


My Free Daily Draw at is a great success. 

We've had a lot of visits, and some winners have claimed their prizes.

The best thing about the Free Daily Draw - even if you have all my products, at least two of the prizes are going to be a great benefit to you.

So, something for you to look forward to each day.

Free Daily Draw is at


That's right.

The System with LottoPredict is now the lowest it's ever been, and $19.95/month (now on Intro Special at $12.95/mth for a short while) is a great price.

Other membership sites charge $30-$100 a month for this kind of stuff.

I do have some higher prices, but here's the thing:

All my high prices are pre-paid prices.

And every single one is a discount reward for buying it in advance.
The System + LottoPredict is normally nearly $240/yr if you want to prepay a year ahead.

But I've dropped that price to a crazy $99/yr, for a while.

Saving you $140:
And PRO Custom Profiles should be $148... that's the price of each of the 4 individual sheets.

But it's only $88, and has been for a long time:

All because I want you to start winning more without paying a fortune.

The Silver Lotto System is just a hobby for me now.

I'm only interested in helping you get winning fast, at the lowest possible cost.

Simple, and cheap.


I have a mailing list of many thousands, with dozens joining each day.

But each day I also get 1, sometimes 2, readers unsubscribing.

And I think I know why.

They don't like the pace.

I'm constantly telling them to start immediately, to play more frequently, to Do-It-Now...

And this can be a bit tiring to anyone who just wants a comfortable life without any challenges.

So my Daily Lotto (it's called that because it's out EVERY day) newsletter bugs them.

That's not you though.

I know that if you are still reading this, then you're the type of player who will win.

Because you understand how important it is to grab opportunity fast before it vanishes.

And you're using these daily emails to motivate and inspire you.

And Win Big in 2017!