3 Lottery Things You May Not Know... Including One About Buzz Aldrin

Buzz Aldrin resting in Christchurch hospital after his Antarctic health scare. PHOTO: Twitter

I'm always finding things out...

I finished this week's LottoPredict just now and accidentally hit a Twitter feed.

It was from astronaut Buzz Aldrin above, the second man to step on the surface in the first moon landing.

He's here in New Zealand after getting ill in the Antarctic. I've been there too, many years ago, and I understand how the isolation can make an illness very difficult.

He was flown back here and is recovering here in Christchurch hospital at the moment.

But among the news coverage I found something interesting...

After returning to earth in 1969, he submitted an expense and travel form for US$33.31, which NASA paid. 

Just shows what happens when you dig a little deeper into the news.

So, in that spirit, here's some maybe less interesting facts about the Silver Lotto System:

#1. You've got all my Daily Lotto newsletters, but haven't read them for a while. Then suddenly they stopped coming.

Don't panic, it's called a purge. I have to get rid of unread emails because my email host gets annoyed if there too many unopened emails. It slows down their system.

So a while back I had to make a decision on how to clean them up. I do it by removing all email addresses that haven't been opened for over 3 months.

It's important you read the newsletters regularly.


Because each day a randomly selected email goes into the Free Daily Draw at thelottolife.com/free.

I've just put the new winner's email up there. If it's you, then you get one of three of my products absolutely free.

Something for nothing is a great deal!

#2. I spend a lot of time making my System super simple.

A few weeks ago I combined the System and LottoPredict into one single subscription

Previously they were sold separately. But I knew that players using just the System alone were missing out because they didn't know when to play to get the best win rate. 

LottoPredict solves that. As a result I've had many people tell me how much easier the System is to understand now.
  • You now get the System and the LottoPredict prediction service together.
  • You can make your own numbers, but you can also get them made for you... Single Custom Profiles.
  • You can also upgrade to PRO Custom Profiles. They allow you to play every game instead of waiting for a green YES square in LottoPredict.

#3. Your PRO Custom Profiles are now inside your Silver Lotto Membership Site.

New buyers will expect to see their PRO Custom Profiles together with all their other stuff accessible in their Silver Lotto Membership Site.

But for years I wasn't able to make this happen.

I had to put the file on a separate web page, or send it in a PDF.

So enjoy the convenience!