Amazon's New Go Store Works Just Like The Silver Lotto System

It's brilliant...

Amazon has built a new kind of grocery and food store.

You only have to bring your phone with you, drop your items into your bag, then walk out with the goods.

The store figures out what items you've taken, then adds them to your Amazon account and charges your credit card.

They intend rolling out 2,000 stores starting 2017.

Convenience is not a new trend...

I did the same with my System 25 years ago.

It's not until you see what other systems do that you realise the Silver Lotto System is the Amazon of lottery systems.

Because once you have set up your tickets in a 30 minute, once-ever job, that's all you do.

Walk in, give the tickets to the clerk, walk out with the tickets.

Week after week, until you win.

Other methods require you to fill in new tickets every game, and you know how boring that gets after a while.

If you're not a numbers person, then use PRO with your System - the numbers are done for you: /pro

It simply works: