This Is What A Fake £33 Million Lottery Ticket Looks Like

Susanne Hinte, 48, claimed to have washed a £33million jackpot ticket by mistake. PHOTO: DAILY MAIL

It was big news last week... a UK National Lottery winner came forward with a damaged ticket to claim the £33million (US$47.2M) jackpot.

Susanne Hinte said she had washed her jeans with the ticket in a pocket.

The photocopied ticket. The draw date has been obliterated by a tear. The barcode at the bottom and the ticket's ID number have also been ruined. The numbers, however, are still visible.

The Daily Mail obtained an image said to show a copy of the slip submitted to lottery organiser Camelot.

The photocopied image appears to show severe damage to most parts of the ticket including the crucial barcode used by lottery officials to help establish its authenticity.

Its six 'winning' numbers are clearly visible, but little else could be considered legible on this crumpled and torn lottery ticket.

A mock up from Camelot of what the winning ticket would look like.

Its serial code and terminal number – showing where the ticket was purchased – are also illegible, while a small tear obliterates most of the information showing which draw the ticket was purchased for.

Camelot has not considered it as a winning ticket.

Camelot has already revealed it has received hundreds of submissions from people claiming to have lost the winning ticket for the January 9 draw, but the remaining ticket has not yet been successfully claimed.

As he wished viewers good luck, TV presenter Noel Edmonds pushed the button for the lottery draw, shown live on BBC One. PHOTO: BBC.

Married couple David and Carol Martin, both 54, from Hawick in the Scottish Borders, won the other half of the £66 million jackpot, the UK's biggest Lotto prize.

David and Carol Martin, who won the other half of the £66 million jackpot.

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