It Finally Happened - British Lottery Winner Claims a £32.5 Million Prize After Numerous Rollovers

A lucky ticket-holder has claimed a £32.5 million lottery jackpot which was won in the UK on Saturday.

Lotto bosses had come under fire after introducing a new harder to win game that sees victors having to beat odds of 45 million-to-one to scoop the top prize.

The new numbers were introduced last year and there have been 29 rollovers in total, including nine leading up to last night’s draw.

This meant three quarters of Lotto draws had no overall winner since the new game was brought in.

One winner scooped the February 13 jackpot of £32,534,188 million. 

The claim, which still needs to be validated, could see the unknown ticket-holder receive the money as soon as Monday.

As of yet, there is no information on whether the prize was won individually or as part of a syndicate, or where the ticket was purchased.

A National Lottery spokesman said: "Lotto promises bigger winners and more millionaires, and it has delivered.

"This ticket-holder is the third biggest Lotto winner, with the biggest ever winners only having been made last month."

The ticket-holder is the 85th Lotto millionaire made in the game's record breaking run since October.

"It is fantastic this winner has come forward to claim their prize. The champagne is chilled and we have plenty to go round all of the new winners joining the National Lottery millionaires club," said the spokesman.

The winning numbers were 48, 23, 16, 39, 15, 59 and the bonus number was 36.

One ticket-holder matched five numbers and the bonus ball to win £110,904.

Sixty-five people matched five numbers to win £1,796 each, while 5,808 people matched four numbers to win £129 each.

A total of 144,759 people matched three numbers, winning £25 each, while 1,476,976 people won a free Lotto Lucky Dip for matching two numbers.

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