Are You Really Playing The Best Lottery Game? Here's How To Choose

A queue for a recent Mega Millions game runs right round the block.

Ask most lottery players what game they prefer and their answer is usually the same...

The one with the largest jackpot.

It's why the queues run out the door of the lottery outlets whenever the jackpot hits a record amount.

There's an obvious downside to this...

A large jackpot is produced because a lot of players are losing. That's because when the jackpot rolls over each game, it accumulates the losing player's ticket money. 

In some cases it can do this for months at a time, even longer.

For example, the New Jersey Pick 6 jackpot went without a win from December, 2014 to March 2015, when finally a 67-year-old Cape May County man won the $9.1 million jackpot.

So what's the answer to selecting the best game?

The best way to choose a game is ask yourself what you want from a win... a jackpot - or just a few million in prize money:


If the big prize is the one you quest after, then be prepared to play seriously.

This means getting PRO Custom Profiles and spending the maximum you can afford on tickets in EVERY game.

You can't miss one.

The downside is that winning enormous jackpots may take longer than you might want.

It's a long game strategy.

Even though the standard Silver Lotto System is good to get you to a 98% win rate in many games, that still leaves 2% to chance or luck. 

That's why persistence is important... the ability to play for months without seeing the big results you want. 

These game choices are for the pro player, like our $22.2 million winner who got his jackpot after only playing for 6 months. You may take longer.


Some players are content with just a few million or so, and this is definitely the way to go.

It's what the Silver Lotto System was designed for... to get multiple wins - because that improves the odds of any of them being a big win.

And it works. We have million dollar winners to prove it.

You also need PRO Custom Profiles to get this result, but if you're on a budget you can play fewer tickets since the odds are better.

As always, play as many tickets as you can in one game, rather than just a few each game.

That may mean playing a full Profile once every 2-4 weeks, rather than twice a week with only 20 tickets each time.

In my 25 years with the lottery, I've learned that most people still will not follow this advice to get the most out of the System.

The world is full of people who want something for nothing.

They want a champagne jackpot on a beer budget, and of course no system can promise that.

If this is you, then think about what you want... the bigger chance of winning smaller prizes, or a smaller chance of winning bigger ones.

So how do you find the best games to play, either way?

It's all in the LottoPredict chart.

Every game has a star given to it in the lefthand column, based on how attractive the game odds are with the Silver Lotto System.

Three stars is best for choosing any game. You play the standard Silver Lotto System and the YES/NO green/red squares.

But a 1-star rating means you should not use the squares.

Instead you should invest in a set of PRO Custom Profiles, and use the PRO column so you can play the 1-star games every time.

And when you start playing consistently, your win rate will rocket!

If you want to start winning the lottery now, then get the world's most effective Lottery System today. Then add our amazing prediction service:LottoPredict, to speed up your win rate for as little as $6.60/month. Get them together here.