How To Get a SuperYacht - Or Anything Else You Desire

I was staring out to the harbor just now, and in the distance I spied a white shape... an exotic yacht heading towards me.

That's it in the photo, the Evviva, an Italian name for  'something beautiful or special.' It's owned by American boating billionaire John Orin Edson.

I went over to the 20x binoculars we have at the window and peered through.

The luxurious interior.

With a helicopter on the stern, the 50 meter (161ft) sleek wonder looked stunning as it gracefully sped through the water towards its berth here.

Now, you may not desire a yacht. 

Many don't.

My wife doesn't. She hates anything connected to the water because it makes her seasick. (So much for an exotic cruise together!)

I should mention too - if you want to buy a superyacht - it costs about 10% of its value EACH YEAR to maintain and run.

That means this $22M wonder will cost you around $2M a year, whether moving or docked.

It's not the yacht that this article is about.

I mention it for one reason only: Motivation

Let me explain...

Do you have a goal or something you want to achieve more than anything else? 

But if you're normal then you'll find it's hard to keep that goal alive after a while. 

Life takes over. 

The washing needs doing. Your job takes up most of your hours. Friends drop in and take up your time.

And gradually your motivation slips away.

So you need something powerful that motivates you to spend the ticket money required, and play the lottery for as long as it takes to win. 

This is how you do it.

To keep your ambition bubbling you must have your goal in front of you all the time.

It will keep you on the straight and narrow when you lose enthusiasm.

I've mentioned before that I kept a scale model of my latest Aston Martin on my desk for the whole year I was searching for one. 

Every time I got discouraged I would sit down, pick up the beautifully detailed model and visualise it sitting in my garage.

That may sound a little silly , and there's many people who poo-poo the idea of visualisation for adults. 

But for me and many others it works like a miracle.

A year later that exact car is sitting at home in my garage. 

Whether it's a car or a yacht, or simply helping out your family... you need a reason for keeping on playing the lottery until you win.

So discover and define your goal, get involved with it daily, and you'll achieve your dream.

A word to the wise... don't use money as your goal.

That rarely works.

Instead focus on what you want to do with money - narrow it down to one important goal - then focus on that until you achieve it.

Of course make sure you cover all bases ...

1. Check that you have all three parts of the Silver Lotto System... the SystemLottoPredict and PRO.

2. Get a backup with a subscription to my Winner's Circle so you'll always have a winning scenario working for you every week.

Then go for it!