Why You Should Stop Playing The Lottery Now Before It's Too Late

These Powerball winners didn't stop playing until they won.

How long should you keep playing your lottery game with my System? Everyone's answer is usually: "Until I win big." 

In fact, there are three reasons why you should stop playing at different times. Of course these are just temporary stops, but here's why:

REASON #1. Stop when you don't get any wins in 1 month.

If you're playing every week for a month with at least half of your Profile lines and are not getting a single win, then you're doing something that should - and can - be corrected. 

It could be the game, the timing, or any number of things. You need a fix.

Contact me at askken.freshdesk.com and fill out a Support Ticket with a request for coaching. I'll help you sort out your problem within 24 hours. 

REASON #2. Stop after you've played 3 months.

A lot of Silverites (owners of my System) win prizes fast and often. See Lee's $1M testimonial below for an example. 

One of the best ways of evaluating the game you play is at the first 3 month period. 

That's when you should stop and take a look at your strategy.

This means looking at your game, the tickets bought, the number of times you played each month, and your wins. 

If you're not getting the 98% success rate that I do, there's no reason to worry. My game is one of the best in the world for low ball numbers and ticket costs. I already have an advantage that many others don't. 

But the exciting part of my System is that you can legally 'cheat' to get the same results as me, no matter where your game is. 

All you have to do is contact me as part of the free coaching I offer, and I'll send you questions that let me figure out your best strategy to improve your game.

The other way is to use PRO. I love those Custom Profiles... they make such a difference to your win rate: 


REASON #3. Stop if you play huge jackpot games.

This is usually the first thing I recommend to players who are not getting wins in their games - pick smaller number games instead. 

The big games... the Powerballs, Mega Millions, UK National Lottery, Lotto Max, EuroMillions... are all designed to make a jackpot win almost impossible without my PRO Custom Profiles.

They do that by distorting the odds with enormous number combinations.

But I have ways of counteracting that and getting you more frequent wins in the big games, and as I've said - PRO is partly the answer. Contact me.

Million-dollar winner Lee had a lot of success with my System and the Oz Lotto. You can see his full testimonial at  thelottolife.com/winners

Here's a part that will interest you:


My name is Lee...

I was flabbergasted when I saw that I had 6 straight numbers and I won first division; $1 milllion! It was simply for one reason that I won that jackpot; I was a follower of Ken Silver and his method to lottery success. 

Yes I picked out my numbers but because I won the jackpot on the 4th line of consecutive numbers, I would not have become a milllionaire if I were not following the Ken Silver System. 

In those 2.5 years since I have won lots and lots of prizes, quite often those prizes completely cover the costs of all my tickets for multiple draws (and I do have a few!). 

Last month I won division 3 (5 straight numbers), which usually pays around $400. That was great, I got a bit excited. The VERY NEXT week I got 5 straight numbers AND one supplementary number which meant that I won division 2. I won just over $4000 plus a few small prizes...



Remember that I'm here to make your game profitable. And I'll do everything in my power to help you win.