The Hidden Dangers Of Big Jackpot Lottery Games

Maureen Smith and David Kaltschmidt (r) hold their Florida Powerball check for $528 million. Big prizes make these games very attractive to most players.

When major games starts heading into the multi-million territory - the huge prize figure becomes irresistible to many players.

They spend more, play more, hope more.

One of the greatest motivators of ticket sales for the lotteries is a large jackpot.

Lotto organisations know and capitalise on this as they watch sales double and triple each time as the jackpot rolls over.

But with a large grand prize comes a few problems you should be aware of.

#1. Less Prize Money
More people play in a large jackpot game, making the chance of sharing the jackpot much higher. 

A 10 million prize divided among 10 players is not as profitable as winning a smaller jackpot prize all by yourself. You need to play smaller prize games.

#2. Blowing The Budget
You might be tempted to spend more on tickets than you can afford. Always stick to your budget.

#3. The Butterfly Effect
Flitting from one game to another like a butterfly is wasteful. You might leave playing your regular game and change to the big game when the jackpot climbs, but changing rarely helps. Don't change games. One of the Silver Lotto System rules is to play one game and stick to it.

#4. Bad Odds
The odds are not as good in high jackpot games because they are usually long odds. Major games use large numbers of balls and numbers, and usually have a bonus ball. This makes the game harder to win unless you use PRO.

So what should you do?

Play the big jackpots if you want, but don't overspend. 

Remember your competition from other players is higher, so the chance of sharing is increased. 

Since the number of balls and numbers are higher, it reduces your chances and you should look for better games. 

The best games are still the simplest...
  • Low ball numbers (5 is good), 
  • Low numbers (less than 50),
  • No extra or bonus balls.
To find these games check the star rating in the left hand column in the System's LottoPredict chart.

Pick a 3-star game from your play area - that's where you'll get the best results. 
Then use PRO Custom Profiles to increase your win rate.