Woman, 55, Misses Out On $49 Million Lottery Jackpot With Simple Blunder

Edwina Nylan thought she had won £35 Million (US$49M), but lottery officials said no. PHOTO: The Sun

Life could have been vastly different for Edwina and David Nylan if they had bought their UK National Lottery ticket at a store.

Instead they lost a multi-million dollar fortune because they bought the winning numbers online.

They had the right numbers: 01 - 02 - 04 - 19 - 28 - 41... but the wrong numbers in their online balance. Their online balance showed it did not have sufficiant funds when she bought the tickets.

So the grandmother-of-seven topped it up with more funds and believed she had enough to complete the transaction.

Imagine her shock when the draw was announced and they realised the tickets had never been bought. 

The online numbers that lost the Nylans a fortune. PHOTO: SWNS 

Edwina told The Sun: "David has an app on his phone which he uses to generate random numbers.

"We scribbled them down, and they are stored on his phone."

"When the numbers came up, it looked like we had got all six and had won the jackpot but when I checked, there was nothing from Camelot.

"I rang customer services at Camelot and the person I spoke to said they could see from their records that we had intended to buy those numbers but they said the purchase did not go through because we only had 60p in our account."

"We had tried to top up the account, and hadn't realised that hadn't registered either."

Lottery organisation Camelot said when anyone successfully purchases a ticket on the Lottery website they will see a purchase confirmation screen.

They will receive an email confirming their purchase and be able to see the ticket in their National Lottery online account.

The spokeswoman added: "Only tickets that have been successfully purchased can be entered into the draw."

"So it is up to players to ensure that they have adequate funds in their account to complete a ticket purchase."

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