These Two Facts Will Shatter Your Comfortable Beliefs About Winning The Lottery

I'm a power user of mouse batteries.

I use a couple of AA's a week for my Mac's Magic Mouse above.

That's because I use the mouse a lot. Even a real mouse wouldn't be as active as I am!

As a full time internet user I'm constantly working... wiggling and jabbing... and it sucks the life out of the batteries.

Most batteries would last a couple months for normal folk.

The cost of all my effort is a couple of new batteries a week.

Everything has a cost of use.

And the cost rises the more you use it.

When you play the lottery, it's the same: 

  • more games means 
  • more tickets, means 
  • more wins.

But to get those wins - like the mouse batteries - you'll need to be using a lot more tickets.

The secret is to know how many tickets to play to get a win.

But most players don't realise how many - and so they continue losing:

FACT #1. Most players don't play enough to win.

"Ken, I've only got $25 to buy tickets this week. Are you saying that's not enough?"

Most players have a price-per-game and don't go over it. 

Trouble is, that's often not enough. They have - let's say - $100 a month to spend. 

So they divide that up into 4 games and buy $25 of tickets for each game. 

That's the wrong move with the Silver Lotto System

Because it was designed to work best with large batches of tickets each game. 

The better answer is to use ALL that $100 on ONE game.

Yes, I know - it seems a lot, but it's really only the same amount piled into one game.

If you think you'll miss out on the others, take a few tickets for the in-between games to keep your play momentum going.


FACT #2. Most players only play the big jackpot games.

Your chances of winning a big prize won't improve as much as you hope in the big jackpot games, for this reason...

The clever lottery organisations have got you sorted. 

They know that you'll be attracted to high payout games like moths to a candle, so they make it harder to win by adding more numbers to the mix.

Just look at the high numbers for USA Powerball for example: 

  • 5 balls 
  • 69 numbers 
  • powerball of 26 numbers.

Those high hitting numbers reduce your chances of winning the main prize, but sometimes increases your chances of winning smaller prizes. 

And the organisations use that knowledge as a trade-off ... an incentive to keep you interested and playing more.

The secret is to play the small jackpot games where the odds of any prize are far better.

To find out which game you should be playing with the highest win chances, look at the Star Rating column in your LottoPredict chart

Go down the column to your city/country and choose the game you can play that has the highest number of stars. 

Simple. You've now got the best advantage you'll ever have.

Those Star Ratings never change unless the game alters their numbers - which is not that often.

Just continue to play, persist, and win!