These 2 Things I Can't Live Without - And One Is A Lottery Product

The WeMo app on my iPhone. I have over 20 switches and sensors.

#1. This isn't an ad: Wemo

I got up before sunrise this morning ready to work on LottoPredict, and you know the thing I enjoyed most?

Having the house lights automatically turn on as I entered the hallway and every room I visited.

It's all part of the WeMo home automation I use throughout the house.

I have more than 20 switches and sensors.

Now, it's not an elegant solution.

The sensors have wires, and they all need to be plugged into the wall power sockets.

But as I trudged half awake from  the kitchen with a pile of newspapers, cup of green tea and a rubbish bag in both hands, down 3 flights of stairs to my office, I was very appreciative of WeMo lighting up the way ahead.

I had already turned on the office heater from WeMo on my iPhone in bed before I got up.


#2. This is an ad (sort of) and some free tips: LottoPredict

So I'm sitting cosy and warm in my office ready to finish up the LottoPredict charts.

If I had one thing to choose from my System that I completely rely on, it's LottoPredict.

It's a powerhouse of information that only takes a couple seconds to use, but makes playing the lottery a breeze.

Here's a tip on choosing which game to play with LottoPredict.

Let's say you have a choice of Canada's Lotto 649 or Lotto Max.

It could also be Powerball or Lotto Texas.

All depending where you are in the world where you have a choice of games.

Choosing between Canada's example is easy:

  • Lotto 649 is 3-stars and cost $3 per ticket.
  • Lotto Max is 2-stars and cost $5 each ticket.

The highest star is best with LottoPredict. But what if you want a chance at the bigger Lotto Max jackpot?

What to do!


Set the jackpot amount you want, and start play when the game reaches that amount.

So you might play the Lotto 649 game until Lotto Max reaches your goal of $10M, then switch to the Max.