13 Weird Ways To Look Like A Lottery Millionaire Without Breaking The Bank

I like numbers. So one of the more enjoyable parts of reading the Business Insider website each day is looking at the reader viewership numbers they show under each article.

The most popular articles can attract hundreds of thousand of readers in a day or two.

On one visit I found a topic that had 385,000 readers.


No fake here. Real millionaire Marcus Cobb and his Mega Millions check.

This popular topic was a 'fake it till you make it' article: "13 Ways To Look And Act Like A Millionaire, Even If You're Not."

But the most important part of this list was missing.


While you can look and act like a millionaire on very little cash, the one thing you can't fake is the benefit of being able to do what you want, when you want.

Winning is everything...

Only real money can give you this. And it's the reason everyone is so desperate to win the lottery.

So here's what the article says on how to look like a millionaire before you have real riches!

  1. Find and hit your perfect "millionaire weight."
  2. Buy only quality clothing.
  3. Never wear flat shoes (women only I guess).
  4. Appear taller to make yourself look more authoritative and trustworthy.
  5. Develop a hobby.
  6. Get enough sleep to have millionaire skin.
  7. Get rid of any accents you have — unless you're British.
  8. Blend in rather than draw attention to yourself when it comes to your dress code.
  9. Choose your accessories wisely — even your coffee.
  10. Become a collector.
  11. Show some manners.
  12. Climb the social ladder by volunteering.
  13. Never ask for recognition.

The obvious is that none of this really matters when you actually get money. Most of the world's rich dress and act to suit themselves.

But peering into the world of wealth is always fascinating!

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