How Garry Used The Amazing LottoPredict To Win $2,000 In The Arizona Pick

Not the Garry in this article, but nice win nonetheless!

I love our player's successes, even the small ones. Here's an email I got from Garry:

"Hey Ken, thanks to u i just won 2k in the pick with the Predict. Not so much but i'd never won anything after playing for some years with quickpiks. thanks buddy!!"

Yes, $2000 is not much to some players - but it's better than nothing.

And more importantly even this small win:
  • Shows him that the System is working.
  • Gives him some cash for killing the credit card or taking a vacation.
Gary was obviously using his cellphone to send the email, but from it we can tell he was using LottoPredict with the Arizona Pick game on Wednesday.
Here's how he would have used LottoPredict:

1. After he logs into his Silver Lotto Membership Site, Garry goes to the LottoPredict menu and checks out his game, the Arizona 'The Pick.'

2. Garry chooses The Pick because it has a high 3-star rating. This means it has the lowest numbers and highest chance of winning when used with the Silver Lotto System. 

He could have also played Mega Millions or Powerball, but they are best used with PRO Custom Profiles because of their low 1-star rating.

3. He would have checked and seen that the Wednesday game was the best, with a YES. He hasn't bought PRO yet, so he'll be using the YES/NO squares until he does.

4. The minimum amount suggested to play this game is $35. At only $1 a box it gives a good selection of tickets, and gives him a better than usual chance of winning. But he may not have spent this much on tickets - the amount in LottoPredict is only a guide.

5. He played, and sent us his success story!

The best part of Garry's testimonial is that he did it with just a tiny $6.60 a month subscription (over a 12 month term).

LottoPredict is the best way to get the most out of your Silver Lotto System - and the tiny investment will soon be forgotten when you win many times over.
  • Add it to your Silver Lotto System by logging into your Silver Lotto MembershipSite and visiting the LottoPredict menu.
  • Or get it with the System here: /lottopredict
  • Or get it free forever in the Lifetime Pack: /lifetime