The Shocking Truth About The Law Of Attraction For Winning The Lottery

The call from the dealer came from out of the blue: "Hey Ken, you still interested in buying a Bentley Continental GT?"

"Sure," I said, "What have you got?"

And it was the perfect description of the car I had been waiting for. After a test drive we worked out a deal.

And it has been sitting pretty in my garage for the past year, growing more beautiful each time I see it or drive it. My quest started this way:

Several years ago I decided I wanted one of these exotic supercars. But it was way out of my league. At the time I believed they were cars for the super-rich, and I wasn't one. (Still not!)

So, patiently, I did the stuff I'm going to tell you about in a minute.

And that included ringing the dealership a few months before I even had the cash, and telling them I was interested in getting this car when they had one.

I got it by wishing for it - and everything else I own - by following a certain law of attraction in a very special way. Now, you're an intelligent person. So am I. So what are we doing talking about a law of attracting whatever we want?

Surely it can't work:

- Can we turn silver into gold by attracting it?
- Can we invent a perpetual motion machine by attracting it?
- Can we suddenly get a large box on our doorstep filled with $100 notes by attracting it?

And you'll be interested in this one... can we win the lottery jackpot by attracting it? 

The answer to the first 3 questions is no, and the lottery is YES... and I'll tell you why...

First, let's understand how you CAN attract stuff into your life. After all, it got me the car of my dreams. You can use it to get almost anything you want too.

Let's step it out:

#1. You sit down every night and make a wish list of the things you want.
#2. Then you review the list several times daily, and last thing at night.
#3. When the time is right (not your time, the universe's) it will come to you.

Everything of value that I own has been attracted this way.

Let's get into more detail so you can follow my 'law' to get whatever you dream of:

When you write the wish list, make sure you speak to yourself in the present. So you will say: "I HAVE a red Ferrari, and it's sitting in my driveway." Or, "My family is united and we are enjoying our time together each day." It's very important to put yourself IN the dream, set in today. Not a hopeful future "maybe" but a certain "it's here and I'm enjoying it."

Write the wish in your own handwriting in a diary, so you can repeat it fresh each day. That's essential. Because over time your wish may change slightly, and you want to be updating it as you go. Be specific... color, model, year, if it's a car. Use emotional words to describe what you want... gleaming, sparkling, happy, love. Anything that will draw out deep feelings about what you want.

You've got to keep your wishlist at the front of your mind every day. This attraction business is not some crazy voodoo craze. It really works. Because by reviewing your wishes many times a day you keep your mind actively engaged towards what you desire. When you are constantly thinking of your dream, you'll always have your radar on.

And when an opportunity comes up, you'll SEE it fast. Just like when you concentrate on anything you are passionate about, you see many examples around you all the time - where previously you didn't notice them at all.

Don't put a timeframe on your request. Won't work. Because often you'll have to go through certain stages to acquire your dream... stages that you're not aware of right now. Could be that you need to mature a little more, overcome depression, change your circumstances. Sometimes nothing will happen until you have taken those steps. When I wanted the Bentley, I already had 2 expensive sports cars. I had to sell one of them before the wish list was "cleared" enough to accept the new car.

Let's apply it to the lottery. I know it sounds crazy to talk about a law and make it apply to a random number game. And I'll be the first to say it can't work, won't happen. You definitely cannot 'attract' a jackpot into your life.

But what WILL happen when you follow my steps is this...

- You will think about winning constantly. That thinking will fuel and drive your ambition.
- As the thoughts fill your mind constantly through the written list and repetition, you will see more ways to get what you want.

Without even thinking about it you will automatically:

A) - Play the lottery more regularly.
B) - Increase the number of tickets you buy to broaden your odds.
C) - See more winning strategies you had overlooked before because you were not attuned to earlier possibilities.

Can you get anything you want this way? Well, do you think your list will turn silver into gold, give you perpetual motion or acquire $100 notes from thin air? Nope. Our brain automatically separates what is plainly and scientifically impossible, and only moves on the ideas that we instinctively KNOW will work

Your list will work because you will be specific about how you can get a better car... how you can quit your debt... how you can make $1,000,000.

How come? Well, we know these ideas can be attained because we've seen others succeed that way. You've been told about my car attraction, now duplicate my method to get whatever you want - including the lottery! Easy as that.

And it may come very quickly: