49 Year-Old Lottery Player Takes A Staggering 20 Years To Win $1 Million

This is the happy face of Robert Winburn from Iowa. He played constantly for 20 years before hitting the $1 million Powerball jackpot in 2014.

But when you read how he picked his lottery numbers you'll realise why it took so long for him to win.

Robert's method is also the way many other players pick their numbers too. 

However, he did one thing correctly - and it's the same method that we use in the Silver Lotto System.

He played the same numbers and didn't change them.

But the big problem with Robert's method was the way he chose his numbers.

Another wrong way for picking lottery numbers. This cat in China was adopted by a lotto outlet owner who then discovered it could 'choose' winning numbers - but not reliably.

Robert assigned numbers to letters of the alphabet and then used these numbers in his surname as the Powerball numbers.

In other words, they were completely random.

When it comes to winning the lottery, random is no better than the 200 million to 1 chance in some big games.

Philip Dunning played the same numbers for 11 years before he won $12.2 million and was able to sit in this now-affordable Aston Martin Vanquish. PHOTO: Daily Mail

Winning the lottery simply boils down to three things that will improve your chances of winning:

  • Use the System
  • Play more frequently
  • Play with more tickets

When you do these 3 things then your win rate will soar. There's one other tip that increases your chances even more though... a prediction service that tells you when to play and when not to play.

That's LottoPredict, and here's why it is so powerful when used together with the Silver Lotto System.

Let's say in the next four games, only two of them are going to be a good match for your Silver Lotto System numbers.

Game 1 - Match 
Game 2 - No Match 
Game 3 - No Match 
Game 4 - Match

If you play games 2 and 3, your ticket money is wasted. That's where LottoPredict is a winner. It tells you when those 'no match' games are going to be - so you need only spend on the 'match' games.

What happens to the 'no match' games though? Are they useless?

Not at all. That's where the PRO Custom Profiles help.

PRO is made up of 4 alternate Profiles that you play when LottoPredict says no. That means you can now play EACH game, and not miss out on a possible win date.

A Philippine senior citizen had been playing the lottery using just one ticket a game, and won US$365,000 - after 20 years of patient waiting.

Don't waste your time and energy chasing random numbers. Use the power of the System, LottoPredict and PRO to save you up to 20 years of waiting.

Our $22.2 million winner only played for 6 months before he won. Many System players are winning weekly, and it's all thanks to this $7/mth prediction service.