Big Changes To EuroMillions Last September 27 Included A Price Rise

There have been some big changes at the EuroMillions lottery game in September 2016.

Ticket prices rose by 50p and the Lucky Star numbers changed. See details below the following infographic for more details...

Here’s a brief summary of the changes that came into effect September 27, 2016:

  • Two guaranteed UK Millionaire Maker winners in every draw
  • The introduction of special European Millionaire Maker events
  • The monthly UK Mega Friday changed to Mega Week, providing the chance to win on a Tuesday as well as Friday in the last week of each month
  • A new UK Monthly Bonus Draw is offering a prize pool of £1 million
  • Starting jackpots increased from €15 million to €17 million
  • Superdraw jackpots increased from €100 million to €130 million (estimated £100 million)
  • 12 Lucky Stars to choose from (prior to the change you could pick from 11)
  • Ticket price increased from £2 to £2.50
  • Bigger rolling jackpots.