[Case Study] How Jenny Won $1 Million With The Silver Lotto System

Let's talk about Jenny. Not her real name, and hey, maybe not a real person either.

But she won $1 million with the System. And here's how she planned it:

Jenny is a conservative person, more Obama than Trump.

And her life was going nowhere.

She was close to retirement, but had little savings and the pension wasn't enough to live on.

She needed help.

So she turned to my System...

Jenny realised that winning the lottery is not a good retirement plan.

But at her stage of life it was better than starting a business which was unlikely to give her the money she wanted.

Businesses are stressful and most one-person operations lose money.

The lottery was a long shot too... the chances of getting the jackpot were tiny.

But the secondary prizes were obtainable, and could give her some fun as well.

She had a spare $20 a week for a game...

So how should she start to choose the best game and how much should she play?

She realised - if the jackpot was impossible - what were the next best chances?

So using 
LottoPredict she picked a game in her city that gave a $1 million second division prize.

Because instead of needing 6 numbers with 2 Bonus balls for the jackpot, she only needed 6 numbers to win $1 million.

She knew that the smaller the numbers in a game, the greater the chances of winning. 
And best of all, LottoPredict told her that tickets for this game were only $1.

With 20 tickets she could get a good selection of numbers with the System.

Before she started, she emailed me with her plan...

I agreed with her choice of game and strategy, but had one piece of advice for her...

Don't play weekly with your $20. Instead, wait 2-4 weeks and put $40 or $80 on the game in one hit.

She reluctantly agreed
, but wondered - where's the fun in waiting a month for results?

I reassured her it was the best way, long term.

But, said Jenny, I haven't got long term... I want to live life with a lot of money right now! So we agreed on a compromise...

She would play with $40 every 2 weeks, but also play with $5 every week, just for the fun of it. She found the extra money by cutting out one coffee a week.

Well, Jenny played for 7 months.

At times she thought of giving up, and emailed me with her doubts.

I encouraged her at each stage with my Free Coaching, checking her play and telling her that good things never come easy.

I didn't need to check her numbers as she was using PRO Custom Profiles.

That allowed her to play every game she wanted instead of waiting for a green YES from LottoPredict with just her System numbers alone.

Just before Christmas, I got an email:

"Ken, I can't believe it!! I won $1M second division last night and I'm over the moon! You are the second person I've told..."  

(I also told Jenny not to tell anyone about any large win she might get).

I'll probably never hear from Jenny again. She's spending her time making plans for the money she won and traveling the world.

She'll be very busy in her retirement!

Get the System with LottoPredict and my Free Coaching until you win, and like Jenny I'll help you plan and play: /system
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