How Jim Built A Model Of His Million Dollar Dream And Why It Helps You Win Lotto

Winning the lottery is easy...

You play every week with my System and a handful of tickets until you win. But sometimes things don't work out:

  •  You run out of ticket money.
  •  Friends drop round on your play day and you forget to play.
  •  The weather snows you in.
  •  You just can't be bothered.

It's the last one that's the most important. The others you can fix in different ways that I've shown you over the years.

Just look your problem up in the Lotto Life blog and there will be an answer. Because the Big Win is often just around the corner, waiting for your numbers to match up.

So how do you win in 2017?

Well, you work backwards. Geeks call this reverse engineering.

You start with a future result, then work your way back until you meet today. And that's how you get a plan.

With my System there's no hard parts to the plan... just buy tickets each game regularly until you win.

But the end result is the important part you want to concentrate on... the prize.

And you need to maintain your enthusiasm for the time it takes to win. To do this, you need a strong goal.

That's all.

Here's how:

#1. Make a wishlist of everything you want after winning the lottery. Ideally, write it with a pen in a daily paper diary.

The physical action is important. It connects you to your goals far better than just thinking about them.

#2. Each day, rewrite that wishlist. As you do, it will reinforce your thoughts and desires. 

#3. Make the goal real. Use pictures in a scrapbook, or on the fridge door. Buying a car with your win? Get a model and place it on your desk so you can see it every day. 


Here's why this works...

I once visited a mortgage broker many years ago, and noticed on a cabinet in his office he had a detailed cardboard model of a home.

It wasn't professionally made. I could still see the sellotape holding it together.

But it was a spectacular design.

When I asked him about it, Jim smiled knowingly. "I built that 10 years ago when I had no money," he explained.

The design would cost over a million dollars to build, and he didn't have that kind of money. 

So he did something else.

"Every day I would look at it for about 10 minutes, imagining myself in that place, doing the garden, looking out of the windows at the harbor view."

I asked him what happened then.

And he said, simply and with pride, "I'm now living in that exact home."

He had no money - but a strong desire made stronger by the model, and it paid off.

No more words are needed to explain how powerful a goal becomes when you think about it constantly.

And to win the lottery, a strong goal reinforces the need for you to go each time to buy your tickets...

  • Whether it's raining
  • Whether you don't have all the funds (buy fewer tickets, but BUY them!)
  • Whether you lost the last game and have given up hope.

When those negative things happen this year, and it seems you will never "Win Big in 2017!" just keep writing and planning.

The lottery will help you realise your dream.