Drey Is On His Way To His First Lottery Million With These Winning Steps

A couple months back Drey emailed me with a common question.

"Ken, can you help. I've been playing your system now for a while and only getting small prizes each week of $100, 150 or so. When am I going to win big as others are?"

I put on my Free Coaching hat and got some more information about how he was playing.

It needed improvement.

Drey was playing twice a week with $20 a time, and his tickets were $2 each. That's only 10 tickets, or about 10% of the full System.

But he really was doing OK...

First of all I told him that this results were really good. I told him I walk past our supermarket lotto counter every couple of days (I like to get out on the town from time to time:)

And I very rarely hear the winning till chime from the queues of people getting their tickets checked.

The cashiers tell me they only get a dozen winners from the hundreds visiting each day after a game, and the prizes are never more than the smallest division of a bonus ticket or $12.

So when you consider that the average player without my System wins nothing in most games, Drey's wins are very encouraging.

Here's the plan I gave him...

I mapped out a plan for him to play once every 2 weeks with the $80 he would normally spend over that time.

Except he would put it into just one game.

And I asked him to buy PRO so that he could play on any day he wanted, not have to wait for a green YES in LottoPredict.

You'll never guess what happened last week - or maybe you did:

"Wow Ken, $2500 was the result of my first game and $400 on the second. I didn't expect that to happen. The pro paid itself back many times and it was the answer wasn't it. I'm on my way to a million!!"

He is now...

Drey was failing because he was doing what most amateur lotto players do. Playing for fun, not getting serious.

Fun is great of course, but when you ramp up your efforts by playing frequently with more tickets, the law of numbers comes into effect.

And your win results start to improve.

The more you do, the better the result. All I told Drey was to follow my System instructions, but play more in one game.

Then I gave him the tool - the PRO Custom Profiles - to follow through, turning him into a serious player.

Let's get serious about this...

If you're here to make life-changing sums of money from the lottery, you can't do it with just a couple of dollars worth of tickets each game.

You need to take a Pro approach. I've done my best to help you by putting LottoPredict in with the System and making both products a team.

This might be the biggest advantage in many years of the System because it takes luck and uncertainty away, allowing you to plan your play easier.

The next step is to invest in PRO so that you're never at the mercy of a Red NO in LottoPredict. You're able to play every and any game you want, and like Drey, that will be your breakthrough.

PRO is in your Silver Lotto Membership site. Just log in here and go to the PRO Custom Profiles menu to buy.

Or see more about PRO Custom Profiles here: thelottolife.com/pro

If you order now you'll have your Profiles back in less than a day, ready for your weekend play.

And I look forward to hearing about your fantastic wins!