Are You A Lottery Jackpot Hopper? Here's The Secret To Winning Powerball, Mega Millions And Other Big Games

Winning this kind of jackpot requires a different strategy of play.

Choice is good. But if you're lucky enough to have several lottery games to choose from, you face a problem.

Here's why.

Let's say you have a regular game that regularly offers a $1 million prize each time.

Then you also have a giant jackpot game with eye-watering jackpots.

Examples are my country with a regular $1m jackpot, and a Powerball that is $15m right now.

Or many of the US states where you can play a game like the New York Lotto, now at $4.1m, or Powerball in New York now at $187m.

I advise you to play the smaller prize games with good reason...

They're easier to win.

They usually have a smaller amount of balls and numbers. If you know about statistics, then you'll know that the odds are far better in these games.

Yet the appeal of the giant jackpots is there for most of us.

The lottery organisations know the power of large jackpots. That's how they get millions of players for these games which allows them to build the jackpot into an irresistible drawcard.

I know from both players and lotto store staff telling me, people only play when the jackpot gets to a certain figure.

So despite me telling players to stick with the low jackpot games where they have hugely better odds, they jump to the big jackpots.

I call them Jackpot Hoppers...

They go to the big games when it goes above the happiness amount they have in their head. We've all done it...nothing wrong with playing that way.

But the big games will make your win rate drop. >There is an answer.

First, ask yourself.
  • Am I here to win at games with the best odds of winning?
  • Or to win the highest jackpot (with the lowest rate of winning?)

So if you want the big jackpot, use my PRO Custom Profiles.

That's what it was designed for. It gives you power for the big games.

Many of the big games like Mega Millions, Powerball and Euromillions are not available in my done-for-you Single Custom Profiles.

These big ones are only available in PRO.

That's because I recognise the risk in the larger number games, and only PRO overcomes it.

But you should also use PRO for every game you play, no matter what the ball numbers are, because it's a powerful magnifier of wins.
It lets you play every game, every week - instead of having to wait for a YES from LottoPredict which might only come once a month.

Yes, you can play the big games, but you gotta use PRO. Get it from the PRO menu in your Silver Lotto Membership Site

Or see it here: /pro

And watch your win rate climb!

Hey Ken,
Since you told me I should get the Pro I'm now winning every time and its great. I got $7,500 in one draw but also got $200, $550 and $1000 often. When you told me I could play all the time that has made the difference.
Jeff W.