5 Things You Should Do This New Year To Win Big. Note: #5 Is Important

I said yes to this boat trip to the Australian coast yesterday.

So the new year has started. It's a few days old, and Silverites are telling me they've won already...

I did what you told me and didn't wait for the new year but ordered my tickets straight away in the Mega millions. I'm pleased to share with you the fact that I won $5000.00 and it has cleaned up my Christmas bills and made my family very happy. All the best from our family to yours. 


The secondary prizes are great, but you're wondering how soon it will take you this year to Win Big.

It took Jason only 7 months to win his $22.2M with my System.

Your own winning timeframe might be different, but many in our testimonial Winners page tell us they win quickly:

Hey Ken,
Since you told me I should get the Pro I'm now winning every time and its great. I got $7,500 in one draw but also got $200, $550 and $1000 often. When you told me I could play all the time that has made the difference.
Jeff W.


So how can you speed up your win rate, and more importantly, Win Big?

Here's 5 things you should be doing to Win Big in 2017:

#1. Buy all the tools.
Imagine being a builder and having a hammer as your only tool. A cook with only a bowl. A mechanic with only a spanner. 

To get anywhere this year you need everything I have - both the System and LottoPredict along with PRO Custom Profiles. I don't need to emphasise that fact any more than this.

#2. Use your tools properly.
Many players have all the magnificent advantages of all my tools, yet still only play $10 a game. My System is not designed for fun players. You need to take your strategy seriously this year and start playing according to my instructions. That means...

#3. Play frequently.
You eat three meals a day. If you only eat one a day then your strength dwindles and fails.

It's the same with playing the lottery. Miss too many games and whatever strength you had quickly falls away.

The lottery is a numbers game... all you have to do is show up, play the System and wait.

I've often given the example that if you want to see a Ferrari, you can stand on a deserted road and wait months for one to appear. Or you can stand near a motorway and see one every 10 minutes. Frequency is the secret in everything you do.

#4. Convince yourself.
Something new takes a while to adjust to, and my System is the same. You probably have doubts and worries about how it will work, and that may cause you to be cautious. 

That's fine. I understand it happens and that's why I have 24/7 Coaching. So whenever you have a nagging doubt about the System or how it's played - just ask. 

It's free because all I want to do is help you Win Big in 2017!

#5. Take action by saying Yes.
You've heard me say Winners Take Action. That's everything you need to know. Just get up and do it.

One way you can get used to taking action is to say Yes to everything you're asked. It works. There was even a film about it starring Jim Carrey, but you won't need to take it to the extremes he did.

I'm on a week's vacation in Australia, and whenever we're asked out I always say yes. 

So far it's been a great experience with something new each day. The photo at the top of this post is the boat we took to another part of the coast yesterday.

You can take action at home or away. But take action and you'll get the rewards. You can try a new game or just play more often in your existing game

Make sure you have all the tools first:

The System and LottoPredict: thelottolife.com
PRO Custom Profiles: thelottolife.com/pro