The Extraordinary Story Of A $27 Million Winner Who Won Playing An Obvious Strategy

The myterious Stefan Mandel - the extraordinary story of a $27 million winner.

Today I'm meeting up with my sister who has flown over from the UK. It's been a couple of years since we've met, so I'm looking forward to it.

She went to live in Britain about 30 years ago- and never came back.

Some people move to other countries and enjoy it so much they never return to their country of birth.

Today's story is about a lottery winner who did just that. It's an extraordinary story. When you read it, you'll truly wonder how your own lotto efforts to win could match his.

It started in Romania, where Stefan Mandel was a young economist. In the early 1960s he started looking at the lottery as a way of making a living.

He came up with a system partly similar to the Silver Lotto System. It was a math-based way of avoiding duplicating numbers, and condensing numbers into winnable patterns.

In fact, I had read about his theory in the library in 1990 when I was researching my own system. He gave little away about his methods, but what I read was enough for me to start my own successful formula.

Stefan starting using his method on the small Romanian lottery. Since he had spent many months reading and studying the game, it was no surprise that he won the jackpot in 1964. The algorithm he devised covered over 8,000 sheets of foolscap paper - it was a big task.

The money allowed Mandel to live in Israel for a time. Then he moved to Melbourne, Australia, where the biggest event of his life would take place.

He had already won $25 million over the past few years, now it was time to go bigger. When you read how he prepared for this next win, your own $10 a week play will seem very small!

Here's what he did:

He founded an international betting syndicate so that he could raise funds to buy every possible number combination in a lottery. He was able to find 25 investors for his pool who chipped in the needed amount.

Then he looked around the world for lotteries that had rollover jackpots that were more than 3x the cost of every number combination. In 1992 he saw that the Virginia State Lottery was suitable. It had seven million number combinations. Each ticket cost $1, and the jackpot had reached $27M.

It was the perfect event waiting to be won.

Here's the part that will really astound you... Mandel printed out the coupons and filled them in by computer so they covered all 7 million combinations. Then he flew the tickets to the US, after arranging with many state lotto retailers to accept the large numbers that were needed to meet the lottery's deadline.

The result? He won the $27 Million first prize along with 135,000 secondary prizes.

Mandel retired from playing after being investigated by many authorities, but they could prove nothing wrong. He was last seen living on a tropical island in the Pacific (Of course! A great reward for time well spent).

Not all wins take this amount of skill and time. I've found over the years that my own Silver Lotto System is the perfect way to shortcut the years of play.

When you use PRO Custom Profiles, your win rate is accelerated enormously. That's because it's almost like playing thousands of tickets for a fraction of the price.

If you want to play to win like Stefan Mandel, you need to invest more into your tickets. Play as many games with as many tickets each time as you can afford.

Then who knows? Perhaps a $27M jackpot could be yours!