Have You Got Lottery Jackpot Fatigue? Here's How You Can Tell And Avoid It

Big jackpots attract players, but it's easy to get complacent about the large amounts.

This morning I sat down eagerly at my Mac screens and rubbed my hands together with glee.

This is the part I enjoy...

I was about to fill out the "Playing This Week" sidebar on the Lotto Life blog.

Twice a day I go to this column and update the jackpot figures.

Some have been climbing fast, like the US Powerball.

It's now dropped, but it was 360M at one stage before climbing to 403M.

Or the Australian Powerball at 6M, suddenly now 10M.

Others just creep up a tiny few hundred thousand dollars a time, like the New York Lottery.

It went from $6.2M to $6.5M.

The actual winning ticket from the largest Powerball jackpot ever.

Sometimes though, I get a little disappointed.

NYL only gone up by $300K?

Huh, hardly worth changing it.

Of course, what I'm suffering from is what every other player does also...

I call it jackpot fatigue...

The numbers I'm entering... like the US Powerball multi-millions... have made me blind to the enormous amount of money this represents.

So when a jackpot like the OZ Lotto only starts at 2M - I wonder who would play this tiny amount.

It's silly of course.

Even 2M will make a huge difference to anyone's life.

But because we are viewing such large numbers all the time, we become immune to them.

That's why it is so hard to convince Silver Lotto System players to take the low jackpot games.

You can win the low prize games far easier than the big prize games.

And even if the prize is only a milllion or two - it will truly change your life.

But most of us want the big amounts.

For example, the one and a half billlion Powerball last year attracted tens of milllions more players.

Proof right there.

So I don't worry any longer...

If you want to play the big games, it's your choice, and I provide the way to do it.

Of course many of the large jackpot games also have big secondary prizes - usually a milllion dollars.

Which is still life-changing.

So pick the prize figure you want to win, make sure you have PRO Custom Profiles to be able to play each time, and go for it!

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