More About The Law Of Attraction And How To Make It Win The Lottery

Cynthia Stafford famously used a Law of Attraction to win the California State Lottery in 2007.

Jorge asked me to write more about the Law of Attraction (LOA). He wanted to know more about it, as applied to winning the lottery.

Well, I don't use the term LOA. To me it is a bit too woo-woo. I like methods that are solid and dependable... that work.

Lottery numbers can't be persuaded to appear just because there's a Law.

It's not that easy. But what does work is Focus & Action.

It means money doesn't come to you. You go to the money.

That's the difference.

Let me explain...

Everything you want on this planet has to be desired. It won't fall into your lap without some effort on your part, or luck. Anyone can sit around wishing they had a million bucks.

But the reality is that it will never happen to the average person.

You have to chase it. I've said before how you should set a goal for a thing (not money). Then surround yourself with pictures, written goals - reminders daily about it:

  • It must be the first thing that pops into your head when you wake, and the last thing at night.
  • And in between you should be taking part in special interest groups and forums.
  • You should be visiting the place where your goal is - like a car showroom - and generally swamping yourself with the goal.

I have a model of the next car I want next to my computer screen. It is in my vision every single moment of my working day.

When you concentrate like this, two things will happen. The first is that after a while, you'll get tired of the constant demand on your time.

Your interest will gradually drop away.

You'll eventually say to yourself... "if I see that goal again today, I'll go crazy."

It might happen in 3 weeks, or - more usually - 3 months.

That tells you that you don't want it badly enough.

But the second thing might happen, as it does for me for most of my goals. You'll break through the 3-week/3-month barrier, and your interest will grow stronger.

Your dreams will become more like reality. You'll be able to see it, smell it, taste it.

If your thing is a car (my favorite), you'll see that model on the street immediately when no-one else even notices it.

Example: my adult daughter is dog-mad... has been for many years. Every day she can see more dogs than I ever knew existed. On the streets, looking out of car windows, tied up at supermarkets.

They are everywhere for her.

She is the perfect example of this Law. Her interest is all consuming.

So why can't we win the lottery with the Law of Attraction?

Why does it have to be a thing?

A lotto is hard figures... it's a make or break. If the figures don't line up, you have no chance of winning.

But when you desire a thing, another set of rules came into play. There are more opportunities to get a car than a lotto prize for example:

  • Someone who knows your interest may help with a tip to get one cheap.
  • A relative who knows your passion might leave you money in a will for it.
  • A series of events might all come together, like winning or obtaining a deposit for the car.

But no-one will come up to you and hand you a winning ticket for nothing.

Life doesn't work that way. To get your thing, you need to have several rules in place.

To win the lottery, you need all the tools to help you win.

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That's it. You're set for life, or until you win big.

When you Focus and Persist, it helps you win the lottery because by concentrating on your thing, you'll increase your enthusiasm for the lottery.

You won't give up if you don't get an immediate win. You'll say to yourself... oh well, not this time.

There's ALWAYS a next time...

When you use Focus & Action, everything you do will start pointing you towards ways to win. You'll buy the tools and use them because you know you're heading in the right direction.

And you'll have staying power - the ability to persist long after everyone else has given up. Because that's how you win the lottery.

Get the tools, start writing your goals.

But do it now... because Winners Take Action!