Here's 3 Powerful Tips To Help You Win The Lottery Faster And More Often

David and Kathleen Long are proof that you can win more than once.

Over the years I've written a lot about changing your luck.

So here are 3 tips on how you can improve your good fortune and turn your luck around.

#1. Repeat these 4 simple words...

Do More, More Often. 

If there was only one method to increase your good luck, this would be the one.

Here's why.

When I first started my Silver Lotto System, I played 10 tickets a game. As you know, I got terrific results, wins in every game.

Then I found - as I increased the number of tickets, the number of winnings increased also.

Now apply this principle to anything you want:

- Don't apply for 10 jobs, apply for 100. 

- Don't ask 5 people for a date, ask 50. 

- Give 100 birthday lottery tickets this year to your family.

You should also play your lottery game more often...

Here are some good reasons why you should increase your play frequency:

  • In Ireland, for the second time in eight years, a group of 33 in a syndicate won 400,000. They more than doubled their winnings to 1milllion. Each member won 30,303.
  • A woman who won 1 million playing a Pennsylvania Lottery in 2008 won another million on the same game in June.
  • A Pennsylvania man won four times. He collected over 2.5 million over 10 years.
  • In Australia a 70-year-old grandfather who had already won 1 million in Lotto was one of three winners sharing the game’'s First Division prize of 500,000.
  • In my country (New Zealand), a couple won two major lottery prizes in one year.

All these players kept on playing after they had won. 

And won more...

It wasn't a coincidence that got them further prizes - it was repetition.

They played regularly and repeatedly. The result was more wins, more often, like Joan and many others with my System:

I played your Silver Lottery for 3 weeks and got $75,000 between 2 games. To say I'm amazed is an understatement. My family have just been told and it is like a giant birthday for them. I will be sending my daughter on a trip next weekend and paying the bills too. Thank you again for all your help.
Joan (jw*********

#2. Persist - Stick With It.

PERSISTENCE is the single most important trait anyone can develop - in the lottery or any part of life. Whether it's:

  • Continuing a marriage through thick and thin (richer and poorer), 
  • Keeping up certain standards for your kids, 
  • Achieving at your workplace when things get tough, 
  • Helping the community around you to build a better life...

... all these things require persistence over a long period of time to develop fully.

Some years ago a very successful software developer dropped out of the internet race. He had been criticized personally on a forum for a view he took, and he decided that it wasn't worth continuing taking the verbal abuse.

Now I believe he still does business, but at a very much lower level.

His lack of persistence stopped him pushing through the pain barrier and tough periods that we all go through at times. He could have reached amazing success.

And it's the same with lotto. The most frequent winners are those who PERSIST through all the losing periods, like Phil here:


I bought your system ... [clickbank order number...xxxxxx] old e-mail address. Since then computer crashed, new computer, changed internet carriers, etc, etc. Anyway still kept trying the system and 2 weeks ago won 2nd division powerball 100,000.00....
Thanks Phil F.


#3. Get Positive.

Everything you have, everything you look at, everything you remember...has memories for you. Good, neutral or bad.

This step is simple: get rid of all the BAD memories. These will hold you back, and stop you from concentrating on the good times ahead.

- Pull out the kitchen drawers and throw away copies of bills you paid late, ALL bills you've paid, photos of people you dislike, wrong colored dishes, plates and cups that are chipped, old photos of how strange you looked back in the 60's :) and failed projects.

- Get rid of your losing lottery tickets. Rip them up, throw them away - after you've had them checked by your lottery store, of course.

- And clutter. Clean it up. Clutter is a visual reminder of how messy your mind is right now. Clean it up and your mind will be freer too.

Then replace your bad-luck past with success stories... reminders of happy places you've been, photos of people who you admire or have helped you.

Many successful people have framed photos of their first sales check, trophies in a cabinet... it's all part of reinforcing positive character traits that help them through the tough times.

Whether your own success trophy is a car, a watch, a framed check, pictures of happy grandchildren, your first record deal - make sure you have something around that reminds you of how great you really are.

Inside the cover of his hardcover book "How To Be Rich," the late multi-millionaire Felix Dennis shows many checks he wrote to the Inland Revenue, some for millions of pounds.

I bet every time he sees those, it reinforces how good he is at paying his bills.

Surround yourself with the things and memories that bring you happiness, and your good luck will soar.

So there's the three pivotal points for success in lotto and life:

#1. Do More, More Often.
#2. Persist And Stick With It.
#3. Get Positive.

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