A Story About Joy Mangano Is A Continuing Inspiration For My Lotto System

The real Joy Mangano, played by Jennifer Lawrence in the 2016 film 'Joy.'

I've just finished watching a film called Joy, featuring Jennifer Lawrence.

A sort of real-life story set in the 80s about a down-trodden American girl who invents a better floor mop and makes her fortune by selling it on a TV shopping channel.

That's the real Joy in the photo above.

It's inspirational... shows what you can do with persistence and a good product.
Jennifer Lawrence plays the part of Joy perfectly in this movie.

The mop was designed to last a lifetime - the last mop you ever need buy, said Joy on the shopping network. It sold like hotcakes for that reason... it was easy to use and lasted a lifetime.

Yup, just like my System...

The Silver Lotto System is designed so you keep it and use it for life without having to constantly work out new numbers for every game you play.


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