What Happens When You Buy More Lottery Tickets And Play More Games?

I'm late writing my newsletter today. Our daughter arrived from Australia on a visit, and family comes first.

(But you - my Silverite family - comes next!)

So I'm rushing this through to get more time with her.

You know the strategy about speed that everyone talks about these days: Work smarter, not harder.

Turns out it's quite difficult to work smarter. There's often no easy answer or shortcut to work.

In the end, you really have to work harder. So what happens when you do?

More success. More of everything.

The simple success tactic in just 5 words is:

"To get more, do more!"

These five words can be applied to anything you like:

  • To earn more, work more
  • To buy more, spend more
  • To travel further, drive more
  • To learn more, read more
  • To get fatter, eat more
  • To bike faster, pedal more
  • To learn more, study more

But the real secret is the following 5 words I've deliberately left out till last...

To win more, play more.

Now, there's really only 2 ways you can win lotto fast with my System:

1. Play more tickets.
2. Play more games.

Let me explain why MORE is so important. If you only take 2 or 3 lines on a ticket each week, your winning odds are next to nothing. That's what the majority of players do.

You must increase the number of tickets you play in each game. But to get the real benefit from this increase, you must play intelligently.

That means forgetting about quickpicks, or choosing your numbers through numerology, astrology, birth dates, or even playing at a popular lotto outlet. None of these really work. 

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you'll already know that.

You must have carefully crafted numbers that increase your chances each time, and use them together with the Silver Lotto System. Otherwise you will "do more" - but win less.

So use every opportunity to spread your playing over many different ways:

And remember.

Winners Take Action!

Hi Ken; I followed your advice... I WON 100,000.00!!!!!! on my second try. Your system works and your tips are very important to follow. I'm continuing to play and expect to win again. I'll write again when I do. Thanks for a system that works.
Regards, Ron