The Unique Mind Movie That Joe Uses To Win The Lottery Every Day

A Powerball lottery prize can be a lifechanging event for everyone.

Joe had big problems. He had crippling debt - over $20,000 on credit cards alone.

His house payments were behind. He was about to sell his car to keep afloat.

But what was worse were the times he woke each night in a sweat from all the worry.

Every night about 4am, regular as clockwork, the problems would come flooding in and stopped him from going back to sleep. He thought there was no way out.

Until he started reading my articles on this blog, and my newsletter. And then something miraculous happened...

That's when he wrote to me with his solution: positive thought replacement.

He swapped his negative thoughts with positive ones about winning the lottery, and ran it like a movie in his mind.

This personal movie dream was filled with the daily details of winning and collecting the prize, right up to the day when all his problems were fixed and his life was changed.

As he lay in the dark of the early morning, he allowed his imagination to drift away with the story of his win. It started with a real jackpot, the one he had bought tickets for a few days ago.

That made it more real because he had concrete figures to work from. It was a $32 Million Powerball jackpot. He imagined himself arriving at the lotto counter of the supermarket with his tickets, feeding them into the checking machine.

Then suddenly he sees a short notice appear on the screen... 'Please see your lotto cashier.' The till chimes, and the smiling girl hands the ticket back as she says, "You have to make a visit to the lottery headquarters, we can't pay you this amount here. Congratulations!"

In disbelief, Joe rings his partner and tells her they have won the jackpot. In his movie that part was especially satisfying as he imagined how she would react... the shock and delight as the information sinks in.

He imagines the next few days - the whirl of activity as he collects his check from the friendly people at the lottery organisation. He tells no-one else...

In his mind movie, he and his partner spend hours talking about how to spend the vast sum... what they will give their families, where they will travel.

"I'll be able to visit my mom every week," his partner says, "And give her whatever she needs to make her life comfortable."

Joe has some charities in mind to give to, especially one about helping unchain cruelly treated animals in circuses and tourist spots in foreign countries.

Most of all would be the joy he could bring to other members of his family who were in need.

But the best part was the relief he feels in the morning hours... the huge burden lifting from his shoulders as all his debts are paid. All from imagining a future life of possibilities.

As he sinks back to a deep sleep, Joe is smiling to himself. It's almost like winning the lottery for real. He can cope with another day.

Change your life today.