Dream Big To Win The Lottery, But Don't Overlook This One Important Thing

I once took control of a Skyhawk jet like this one.

My life has been improved by my dreams...

Over the years I've dreamt of a number of things, and they've all come to pass.

I've flown into space in a jet (photo above), been to the Antarctic, bought the best sports cars in the world, owned newspapers, raised a successful family, helped others succeed in winning lotto...

In fact, I've accomplished more than I ever expected.
All I did was magnify my wishlist x10...

Now, it's fine to dream big, but you've got to start with small steps.

Because in your enthusiasm to achieve the dream and reach your goals, you could overreach and crash.

I've done that too.

A major prize can be so tempting, it can also be your undoing - unless you're careful.

For example, there are some mouthwatering jackpots around right now. Take a look at the sidebar on the right.

Let's say you've fixed your eyes on the biggest jackpot there, and you want it badly.

You have reviewed your wishlist daily.
And you can feel your enthusiasm growing wildly for all the stuff you can do with the biggest win of your life.

You keep thinking about 
  • all the people you can help
  • all the shiny things you can buy
  • all the parts of the planet - and beyond - that you haven't explored yet.

And all available with the vast sum that could shortly hit your bank account.

So you decide to go all out...

You decide you're going to triple your ticket purchases.

After all, the opportunity only comes around once, right?

Wrong. Don't be fooled.

The chance is always there. Every week there is a lottery prize of a lifetime available somewhere.

There will be another billion dollar Powerball, many $100 million jackpots too.

So don't blow the housekeeping this time.

Play as you've always done, using the best tools in the Silver Lotto System to maximize your chances.

Because it's more important to be in every game each week than gamble all your funds on a single game.

I've made it as easy as possible for you to multiply your win chances from every game.

There's LottoPredict... the prediction service that is essential to getting wins cheaply because it tells you when to play - and when not to play.

But what do you do when the big game arrives and LottoPredict says NO?
Don't worry...

Use your PRO Custom Profiles to override it and play when YOU want to.

Both these products make a huge improvement to your playing, keeping you in control.

So dream big, but hedge your bets like the successful players and play for the long term.

The result could be this:

Still shaking from my win, bought your Silver Lotto system last year and have played lotto regularly since, definite small wins and a few no wins, until last night. Checked my ticket online and I have won 1st division 22,236,652.87. Your system works.
Regards, Jason